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Barclays Bank (U) Ltd – Thika Branch

Barclays has operated in Kenya for over 90 years. Financial Strength coupled with extensive local and international resources have positioned Barclays Bank of Kenya as a foremost provider of financial services.The main sectors of the Kenyan economy are agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and financial services. Barclays has established an extensive network of 117 outlets with over 230 ATMs spread across the country.

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Barclays Bank
Thika Branch
P.O. Box 219-01000
Code: 031
Tel: 254 672 12 01
Tel: 254 672 12 03
Fax: 254 000 000 000
Bank of Africa – Thika Branch

BANK OF AFRICA - KENYA LIMITED (BOA-KENYA) is an all public bank providing banking services to corporate, SME and retail clientele. The bank commenced operations in Kenya in July 2004, after acquiring the Kenyan branch of Credit Agricole Indosuez. The bank has 19 branches in Kenya of which 8 in Nairobi (Uhuru Highway, Monrovia Street, Ruaraka, Nairobi, Westlands, Ngong Road, Embakasi and River Road), 1 in Kisumu ,1 in Nakuru ,1 in Eldoret ,1 in Bungoma,1 in Kericho , 1 in Rongai, 1 in Meru, 1 in Kisii, 1 in Thika and 2 in Mombasa(Mombasa, Changamwe). 

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Bank of Africa
Muranga Motors Bldg
General Kago Road
P.O. Box 881-01000
Thika, Kenya
Tel: 254 203 275 000
Tel: 254 672 01 81
Fax: 254 672 01 81
Chase Bank - Thika Branch

Chase Bank is a privately owned bank incorporated in Kenya in 1996. We are a conventional one stop financial institution with a focus on the SME Market. in addition, Chase Bank has an Islamic window branded Chase IMAN which was introduced in May 2009

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Chase Bank
Nelleon Building
along Kenyatta Avenue
opposite Thika Stadium
P.O. Box
Thika, Kenya
Tel: 254 067 202 38
Tel: 254 067 202 39
Fax: 254 067 202 41
Consolidated Bank of Kenya - Thika Branch

The Bank is fully owned by the Government with the majority shareholding in the Bank (51%) held by the Treasury through the Deposit Protection Fund. Offering one of the widest range of banking products and services in the market today. The Bank enjoys an independent, dynamic, result oriented culture and a flexible and innovative approach.

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Consolidated Bank of Kenya
Witeithie House
Nkurumah Road
P.O. Box 211-01000
Thika, Kenya
Tel: 254 067 221 32
Tel: 254 067 221 33
Fax: 254 067 221 67
Family Bank - Thika Branch
Family Bank (formely Family Finance Building Society) was registered as a Building Society in October 1984 in Kenya, under the Building Societies Act and commenced operations in the early 1985. Family Bank converted into a fully fledged bank in May 2007 and the main driver for our conversion was the need to offer a wider range of products and services to customers.
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Family Bank
Boni Kiumu Building
Uhuru Street
P.O. Box
Thika, Kenya
Tel: 254 673 02 62
Tel: 254 673 01 13
Fax: 254 673 02 62
Fina Bank Ltd - Thika Branch
The company has now shifted from being a small respected financial institution to a preferred regional SME and Business bank with a strong developmental emphasis especially in the rural areas. It aims to serve the entire region in the SME and Business sectors.
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Fina Bank Ltd

Kwame Nkrumah

Cross Road Roundabout
P.O. Box 4103-10002
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 254 204 440 755
Tel: 254 000 000 000
Fax: 254 204 440 755
Housing Finance Co. Ltd - Thika Branch
Housing Finance was incorporated on 8th November 1965 as per the Banking Act, under the name the Housing Finance Company of Kenya. Our founding shareholders are the Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) and the Kenyan Government. In 1992, Housing Finance Company of Kenya offered part of its equity to the public and became a quoted company on the Nairobi Stock Exchange.
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Housing Finance Co. Ltd
Uhuru Street
P.O. Box 4349-01002
Thika, Kenya
Tel: 254 672 14 10
Tel: 254 673 14 06
Fax: 254 672 15 89
Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd - Thika Branch
The history of KCB dates back to 1896 when its predecessor, the National Bank of India opened an outlet in Mombasa. Eight years later in 1904, the Bank extended its operations to Nairobi, which had become the Headquarters of the expanding railway line to Kenya.
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Kenya Commercial Bank
P.O. Box 271-01000
Thika, Kenya
Tel: 254 067 218 68
Tel: 254 067 218 69
Fax: 254 067 316 69
Standard Chartered Bank - Thika Branch
Standard Chartered Bank opened its branches in Kenya in January 1911, with 2 branches; one at Treasury Square in Mombasa and the other on Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi. Today, 97 years later, the Bank has an excellent franchise, with a network of 32 branches strategically located across the country, 84 Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and 1,040 employees. With 25% local shareholdings, Standard Chartered Bank has remained a public quoted company on the Nairobi Stock Exchange since 1989.
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Standard Chartered Bank
Commercial Street
P.O. Box
Thika, Kenya
Tel: 254 673 16 16
Tel: 254 673 16 17
Fax: 254 000 000 000
Diani Beach
Homa Bay
Muranga (previous name Fort Hall)
Naro Moru
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